From Ecuador | Our most original and authentic pieces were brought by Clau and Marco from Pimkay. My sister and her family discovered their shop and a year later I went down to meet them. So glad I did! They're such good souls. Kind people doing great things! We love Pimkay, their originality, their authenticity, their passion and commitment to our roots.


From Ecuador | Etnia Shop is located across La Plaza de Ponchos in Otavalo. The way we got to meet them was guided by the Universe. At Etnia you find designer pieces and Yoli’s own creations made out of Baby Alpaca and High Quality Sheep Wool. We fell in love with the softness, beautiful and unique creations. Yoli has been working with local artisans and advocating for them for more than 20 years. We are grateful to have met her and excited about our partnership! - Con fé y paciencia.


From Brasil | I discovered Klaus visiting a store called Projeto Terra at Vila Madalena in São Paulo. I was instantly attracted to his tiny creations, full of color and charm. We bought some for gifting and I reached out to him to have them at Lola. I was able to connect with him just a year after when he finally read my message on instagram 🤪. He sent us more tiny creations, a photo of him and a little bio talking about his journey: 

Inspired by his grandfather, a German carpenter who lived in Brazil, since he was a little boy Klaus assimilated the phrase his grandfather used to say: “We must respect wood, remember that the largest living being on the planet was the tree”.

Klaus uses wood residues to produce his tiny creations, actually small boxes that contain objects of a certain theme creating an effect of depth and perspective, led Klaus to completely change his routine.

Klaus also lived a busy routine, with a formal job, working as a producer of corporate events , with long trips, meetings and a lot of pressure. Klaus decided to leave that stressful life behind and now his day-to-day is to respect wood and create beautiful paintings that adorn hundreds and hundreds of homes in Brazil and abroad.

The craftsman tells how his story began: “On a trip at a carpentry shop I noticed a pile of different types of wood, mainly slats and battens, and when I learned that they would be burned because they were not used in the manufacture of the furniture he produced, I asked him to give me that lot and that is how it all started”. with nature, Klaus says the environment is one of his biggest concerns. “I choose water-based paints and artisanal processes. All in a natural way, and this awareness is important to me, and I think it should be important to everyone”, he says. - Projeto Terra.