Andrea - Owner/Founder

Lola Eclectic is a labor of love, dedicated to infusing joy and individuality into your life through culturally connected goods crafted with care, love, and soul. We strive to capture our authentic essence, enabling you to remain connected with the vibrant colors, infectious smiles, boundless joy, firm faith, and enlightening light in your daily life.

Lola Eclectic is rooted in collaboration, involving teamwork, family, and friends, all working together for the greater good.

Andrea Tatiana Zavala Orcés founded Lola Eclectic, drawing inspiration from her roots in Ecuador and her travels that began at a young age. Her journey started with a work and travel visa opportunity in 2004, leading her to Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah, where she began working in the kitchen at just 18 years old. Andrea's adventurous spirit and passion for cultural connections have infused Lola Eclectic with a special blend of authenticity and creativity.

Andrea has woven her personal and professional life together in Park City, where she is now married and raising a family of five. Her dedication to serving her community and sharing her cultural heritage is evident through her involvement in the Latino Arts Festival and her role on the town's Library Board. Alongside her Brazilian husband, Julio, Andrea manages their family Tree Service Business, embodying a true spirit of collaboration and hard work. At Lola Eclectic's Micro Artisan Market, you can meet Andrea in person, where she shares insights about their unique findings and the brand's mission.

Meet Gaby!

Maria Gabriela Zavala Orcés, affectionately known as Gaby, played a pivotal role in the realization of Lola Eclectic. As Andrea's sister, Gaby brought her expertise in nurturing and bringing entrepreneurial ideas to life, guiding Andrea through the early stages of the venture and empowering her to take action. Gaby's support and guidance have been instrumental in shaping Lola Eclectic into the thriving reality it is today. 

Gaby lives in Ecuador, where she dedicates her time to travel and making a positive impact through Change Management projects with small communities across the country. Embracing a simple life by the beach, she finds joy in her surroundings and in her work. Within the Lola Eclectic journey, Gaby has injected her creative spirit into the brand by collaborating with artisans to create unique and playful sweaters. She oversees production and ensures high-quality standards are met. Follow Gabriela's adventures and discover her latest creations in the brand's stories, where she often accompanies Andrea in showcasing their unique findings.

Hola Anita!

Ana Belén Cabezas Ramírez, fondly known as Anita, is the creative mastermind behind Lola Eclectic's distinctive looks and branding. Having been friends with Andrea since childhood, their bond extends back to when they were both in their mothers' bellies. Growing up as neighbors in Ecuador, they shared a close friendship, and Andrea recognized Anita's immense creative potential. Anita was the perfect person to translate Andrea's initiative into the brand's image. 

Anita played a key role in developing the brand's logo and overall visual identity, and she continues to contribute by creating seasonal logos. While Anita is dedicated to her work with the Young Living Foundation, where she creatively expands their programs, her influence and creative touch can still be seen in Lola Eclectic's evolving aesthetic and branding.

Gracias Renata

Renata Peña Zavala, Gaby's artistic daughter, has recently joined the team and brought her own creative flair to Lola Eclectic. Despite being only 15 years old, she is already an accomplished artist who enjoys painting in her free time and exploring her love for creativity. Renata has accompanied Gaby on her recent travels to collaborate with artisans and has played a role in creating some of the one-of-a-kind sweaters for the brand. Her fresh perspective and artistic talent have been welcomed into the creative process, adding a youthful and unique touch to Lola Eclectic's creations.